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What is a health coach and
how can a health coach help you?

A health coach is someone that assesses a client’s overall well-being and allowing the client to drive the conversation to determine areas of desired focus.

They can help develop strategies to incorporate more physical activity, eating a cleaner diet filled with whole foods and fresh produce, help others how to nurture good relationships, and deepen spiritual practices through meditation and nature to enhance self-fulfillment. 

Health coaches also teach clients how to crowd out sugar, processed grains, and caffeinated beverages by adding more water and nutrient dense alternatives.

The overall main goal of a health coach is to help clients be self-sufficient by learning how to observe the body’s responses to various lifestyle and dietary modifications and by choosing health-promoting behaviors that work best for them.  Health coaches also discuss family stresses, career frustrations, physical fitness challenges, and lack of inner self-reflection. They can also develop step-by-step recommendations to implement solutions to the clients particular needs and goals.

What can you expect in a 3-month coaching intensive program?

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"Amber is super insightful and very intuitive.  She has helped me not only be a more positive person with her contagious energy but I have seen huge improvements in my sleep, mood, and eating habits.  She is very patient and very kind with the biggest heart, through and through!"

Pauline, CT

"Amber was recommended to me from a former client of hers.  During my first health coaching program, I was very scared and very out of shape.  She was able to meet me where I was at and take me out of my comfort zone to a point where I was still comfortable.  I can now say that I look and feel better without making any huge drastic changes that other coaches have done to me.  I am more confident and have developed a bullet proof morning routine that helps me stay on top of my goals! I couldn't have done it without the help of Amber's programming.  PS this is now my second program and I am still seeing results and hitting my goals!" 

J.P., NY

"I was a yo-yo dieter for most of my life. I've tried everything from KETO to PALEO to even becoming a VEGAN. I have finally found balance and stability in my life, I will definitely be signing up for another 3-month coaching intensive! I feel GREAT! "

M.Y., NC

Here are some FAQ:

What is the cost of a 3-month program? 


The cost of the program is:

$2,499* (paid in full)


$899* (3 EFT payments)

*all taxes included

How many one on one private coaching sessions do I recieve?

You will receive 14 one on one private coaching sessions over the duration of three months! We will meet once a week, generally the same day and time each week to stay consistent! 

What does a typical one on one session look like?

A one on one session typically will start with a breathing/meditation exercise.  We will then do a weekly check-in of how you did throughout the week, discuss any goals you'd like to accomplish, and set new intentions for the week ahead!

From there, depending on your specific goals, you will be given all the necessary information that you will need to succeed throughout the week. 

For example: If your goal is to get better sleep, a suggestion for you might be developing a new nighttime routine with the use of essential oils and gratitude journaling. 

Again, this program is tailored specifically to you and what you want to accomplish during these three months together.

Within 24 hours after every session, you will receive an e-mail recap of what was discussed during the session in addition to any tools, resources, and other recommendations you will need.  

You will also receive a mid-week accountability check-in via text or e-mail to see how you are adapting to the new changes and suggestions! 

What other offerings do you receive throughout the program?

-In addition to your private coaching calls and mid-week check ins, everyone enrolled in the program will be invited to attend a one hour group discussion every Sunday evening @ 7pm EST

Here is where you can listen to others in the program and share how your experience is going, what is helping, an area that might need more awareness, etc.

The session will also include additional discussions of generalized healing practices, some light movement and stretching, and information that you might find useful on your journey! 

These classes are optional and will be recorded to view whenever you feel the need to. 

-You will also have access to THREE virtual fitness classes that will be e-mailed directly to you to add to your health coaching program. These classes are pre-recorded and can be done on your own time.  Equipment that is required are a mini band set, a heavy pair of dumbbells (10-20lbs), and a light pair of dumbbells (5-10lbs). These can be purchased at really any big boxed store. 

When does the program begin and end? 

This program begins the week of September 11th, 2022 and the program will end on the week of 

December 11th, 2022. 

The reason why it is the "week of" is because you might schedule your coaching call on a different day during the week than others in the program. 

The NEXT program will begin JANUARY of 2023.

When does the registration close?

For this FALL 3-month program, registration will close on September 10th!

Orientation will be Sunday September 11th @ 7pm EST.


I am ready, willing, and able to commit to a 3-Month coaching intensive program! 

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