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ActivatedWellness is a community designed to inspire all humans to live with confidence and joy.  It is our mission to create a judgement free safe space where you can move, relax, and do something to activate a better you. 


Balance the mind, transform the body, and activate the soul through the practice of being mindful and re-connecting to our higher selves.  Raise your vibration through moving your body.  Recharge, with better sleeping habits. Nourish your insides with healthy foods.  Find joy and love in life. Intertwine your mind and body. 

Become Centered. Clear Minded. Be Present.

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Hi All,

My name is Amber and I am the founder of ActivatedWellness.  I won't bore you with a long about me! I am born and raised from a small town on the eastern end of Long Island, NY. I developed a strong passion for helping people have a better relationship with themselves, food, and fitness.
I am dedicated to helping others achieve their highest potential self. I love educating and updating myself with the newest science and modalities.
You can always find me lost in a book (or three). 
I take pride in being a "serial-reader".   


My love for fitness started when I was 18
(currently I am 27). A mentor of mine saw potential in me and encouraged me to start teaching small group classes and that was the spark that I needed to pursue my dreams. 
From there I became an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, then a certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, and every other certification that is out there. I have so many certs that my name would look like an alphabet soup!
I am currently a massage therapy student and operate a mobile and online personal training and health coaching business, known as ActivatedWellness. 
I hope to use this platform and community to help inspire and educate you to be your happiest, high vibrational self in this short blip of time, we call life. 
I am guided every day by my intuition and higher self to be here for you. 
Thank-you for reading and I hope that we can work together to achieve your most activated self!

Love and Light,
Amber Pagano    

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